The calls from friends, friends of friends, and general aquaintances for Photos come often enough that I figured I should put something up here to direct them to. Of course if you’re reading this, ‘them’ is you. Welcome!

Here’s what you should know:
I love taking photographs, though this is not my full time gig. I would love for it to be, but would hate to lose said love by making it a full time business. That said, I like to keep thing simple (both for me, and for you) which is likely why you’ve found your way here.
I’ve taken LOTS of photographs – of immediate interest to are probably the Family Portraits, Senior Portraits, Engagement Photos, and Wedding Photos. I don’t market myself, so chances are if you’re here, it’s because someone else liked what I did for them. Below you’ll see some of the photographs I’ve taken on these various occasions and you can see if I fit your needs.
I tend to shoot outdoors (for portraits at least). As this is not my primary gig, I don’t have all the flashy lighting equipment and studio setup, so Mother Nature is my lighting assistant. If this wasn’t what you were hoping to hear, I have a couple different names of friends who do Studio work, and are fantastic. I’d be happy to refer you, no hard feelings! The exception to the ‘rule’ are weddings, or better yet, the receptions following – I live to capture those special moments while everyone’s having a good time, and they generally happen indoors. I’m good with that.

As I mentioned earlier, I like to keep thing simple. That means I don’t want my head to hurt as I’m trying to figure out how much to charge you for prints and all of that hulabaloo. Instead, I’ll charge you a fee for the portrait session. This will range from $200 to $300 depending on the schedule you’re on, and gets you somewhere in the ballpark of an hour of shooting.
I’ll return home and over the next week or so (rarely does it take me even a week, but life gets busy sometimes) go through the 100+ images I’ve taken. I will determine the 5 best (eyes open, nothing in your teeth, etc) and process those for you. Should you desire more than 5 processed photos, I charge $10 per additional photo, due to the time it takes to process them.
When we’re through, I hand you a CD (or DVD, depending on how many photos we’ve taken) that contains all of the images without processing performed, and then the 5+ that have been processed. You are free to do with these digital files as you please. Enjoy them in good health.

So that’s my piece. If you like what you hear, and think my photographs below are sufficient, give me a call or shoot me an email. Thanks!