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Looking for the Shot

I just read a great little blurb about 'looking for what you don't see' when you take a photograph. (the blurb:
And it reminded me of something I read in a flickr group a few years back. And that was something along the lines of 'right before you take your picture, turn 180° and see what composition may be behind you'. I've found this technique simple and effective, and would add it to the idea mentioned above.

I find myself looking for the photograph everywhere I go. There are so many great things to capture if you just look for them. Challenge yourself to find the interesting shots amongst the seemingly mundane world around you. As you train yourself to find those opportunities, you'll train your eye to help you create better compositions as a photographer.

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Let’s Try This Again

I continually try to find the appropriate (which is to say, brainless enough) vessel to host the space for my random ideas. Generally speaking I’ll post infrequently, and on no schedule that could be defined by a trend. But when the mood hits, and the brilliant ideas are flowing, chances are this will be the hot spot to take it all in from. As it’s been for some time now, this space is a large work in progress, so fully expect it to change up, add, remove, and generally confuse. There’s a mission statement for you, eh?

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