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Getting Handsy

I wrote the passage below several months ago. Since then I’ve built an entire deck on the back of the house. I really enjoyed the experience (though could not have done it without Pop’s guidance, experience, and assistance), and have continued to enjoy the time spent with family on this thing that I made.

However, I’m realizing that I may be a bit hard on myself as far as only pushing 1’s and 0’s goes. I’ve now created a 2009 photo album of our family (consisting of over 600 photos I’ve taken – a mere 10% of the year’s snapshots) and also the first of many books about the kids based on all the things I’ve written about them over the years (it’s complete with about 200 small photos relating to some of the things that are written about). So while I still agree with the sentiment below – I want to do more with my hands to actually build – I recognize that we create in so many different mediums that are important and wonderful.


For so long I’ve been a ‘knowledge worker’. I make things that consist of 1’s and 0’s – and that’s cool. I enjoy it, and I think I’m decent at what I do. But lately I’ve had a great desire to learn to use my hands more…on things other than a keyboard. I want to build and fix stuff. These silky smooth geek hands have had a 31 year vacation. I think it’s time to put them to work, to get them in harm’s way a little bit.

Nearly Limitless Streams of Information

Access to information is unlike it has ever been before. We learn about events happening around the world within seconds, from the likes of Twitter, Youtube, (media conglomerates are behind the curve) email, and so on.

I personally harvest information from probably dozens or sources, on several different devices. I gather information all day long from my iPhone, iPad, work and home laptops, the radio in the car, and the television. Streams of data come from email, browser bookmarks, rss news feeds (the majority for me), video sites (like Youtube, Vimeo, hulu, and Joost), chat transcripts, text messages, and voicemail – which some services helpfully translate into email. Trying to keep the interesting and useful ‘stuff’ organized and synchronized between all these sources and devices is a dizzying task. (While this post serves mostly as a ‘stream of consciousness’, I might add a useful hint – is a fantastic website/bookmarket/app for iPhone that helps string many of these sources together into one place, for easy access later on.)

And then there’s the instant availability of every single bit of knowledge there is – a quick google search can reveal the answer to nearly any question – I wonder how this will affect our children? Daddy is no longer the all knowing – If and when I confess not knowing the answer to something, my young son directs me to “try googling it dad”. As soon as the kids are in 1st grade they learn about using Google and other tools for researching information. Do I even need to say that the days of hitting the rows of Encycopedias is dead?! Will it benefit children to learn more about everything they want to know…when they want to know it? Or will they lose out by not learning the lessons as they try and fail in their attempts to get it right?

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