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Weathered Planks

I love the hike and photo opportunities up past Breckenridge, at Montgomery Reservoir. There’s an old mining facility with lots of cool stuff to shoot. This was taken a little away from the mining facility, in the nearby stream.


Continental Divide at Midnight

click to see the rest on flickr

click to see the rest on flickr

Despite freezing temps and crazy wind shaking my tripod, I got a couple sort of decent keepers from my midnight shoot at the Continental Divide. The rest are here.

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Photog for Hire

I finally took some time to put up a page about the Event Photography that I tend to do on the side. Rather than listen to me ramble through my schpiel, being caught half off-guard, now you can just take a look at my webpage. Handy, eh?  Go ahead and check it out by clicking at the top of the page here, where it reads, “Photography”. This should get you most of the way there, to making a decision if you’d actually like to talk with me or not.