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Photog for Hire

I finally took some time to put up a page about the Event Photography that I tend to do on the side. Rather than listen to me ramble through my schpiel, being caught half off-guard, now you can just take a look at my webpage. Handy, eh?  Go ahead and check it out by clicking at the top of the page here, where it reads, “Photography”. This should get you most of the way there, to making a decision if you’d actually like to talk with me or not.

Next Big Thing

I continually am trying to think of the next great idea. To quote from Office Space – “look at the guy who invented the Pet Rock, he made a million dollars!” I know there is something ingenious that I could be doing, I’m just not sure what. I keep trying to schedule a brainstorming session with my good buddy, Weldon. Hopefully this next time we’ll keep from just geeking out and actually yield something that will make everyone’s lives better (yours because it’ll be awesomer, and mine because you’ll be paying for it). Let’s just all keep our fingers crossed, shall we?

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