• What good is it to have a blackberry if you never check/respond to your email with it?! #exasperation #
  • And still waiting on the quadcamera update to work with 3.0 #
  • I LOVE the enzyte commercials. The innuendos are totally hysterical #
  • I wish the iPhone mail app supported more than delete with swipe – like reply and fwd and unread functions. Like tweetie from @atebits #
  • Hgtv (& friends who should be on hgtv) must be out to drain my weekend free time. And my wallet #shakingfistatsky #
  • ‘someone in charge who keeps telling the engineers that it’s not good enough-go back and do better’ gr8 read:Steve Jobs http://tr.im/pUU1 #
  • Weather is looking a bit sketchy over Denver http://twitpic.com/8hxf6 #
  • Why can’t 3G in Denver be as fast as 3G in Phoenix? #
  • You can find Denveratlast (founding-captain) of Denver ‘TasteCasting’ here: http://ow.ly/fNjP Members Plz RT (via @Denveratlast) #
  • Came home from work this evening and there were garden gnomes in my yard. When did they move in?! #
  • hey to all the tasters as @viabaci tonight for #dentc – it was great meeting all of you. Hope to see you again soon. – nick #
  • Wow! @msofficeus is breaking HTML email by using Word to display emails in Outlook 2010. See http://fixoutlook.org and RT #
  • Via baci #dentc this is a very happy bunch of tastecasters – can tell from the ravaged plates http://twitpic.com/88ped #
  • Via baci for Denver tastecasting #dentc
    You really ought to try it if you’re in the Lone Tree area http://twitpic.com/88o89 #
  • Via baci #dentc I’m not a crust eater – usually leave a boxful. But this stuff is out of this world #
  • Via baci #dentc the prosciutto e rucola pizza. http://twitpic.com/88l71 #
  • Via baci #dentc seared tuna salad. http://twitpic.com/88k9z #
  • Via baci #dentc the shrimp skewers are actually skewered ON the thyme sprig. Cool. Tasty. #
  • Via baci #dentc the burrata appetizer – cheese stuffed with cheese. KILLER! (more ways than one) http://twitpic.com/88j88 #
  • Via Baci ‘Denver TasteCasting today @ 6:00 Food, Fun, Friends #dentc http://ow.ly/eTP5 (via @Denveratlast) I’ll see everyone there!! #
  • Battle of the bulletin board poatings: http://is.gd/1axvl (via @wilw)

    Keep on being awesome! #

  • Loving Nike+ on the new iPhone 3G S. Actually kinda makes running fun! #
  • Typical daily usage on new 3G S and the battery is still at 57%!!! That’s AWESOME. #
  • Heading out to via baci in lone tree for some #tastecasting with @denveratlast tomorrow night #
  • Zuberfizz: best rootbeer there is. http://twitpic.com/826zz #

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