• Ah Denver. I’ve missed you. But from the sounds of things, I have not missed the rain. #
  • Burn notice tonight!!! (USA) my fav show on tv. You should check it out #
  • Anyone else dug up classic star trek episodes after seeing the movie? If so, was it a good move or better left a memory…? #
  • Just walked out of star trek grinning like a silly kid. #awesome #
  • GI Joe is rated for “gangster violence”. Really? Seems like a misnomer… #
  • US national parks free weekends (check dates) this summer. If you come through Denver for Rocky Mtn Ntl park, say hello http://tr.im/niJ1 #
  • Why can’t I apply filters to google reader? doesn’t that seem obvious?? I see some great potential there – I like to revisit some feeds #
  • Accidentally grabbed the kids’ spongebob toothpaste. Realized too late. YUCK!!! #
  • Apropos to nothing, these Johnston & Murphy shoes continue to be the MOST comfortable shoes I’ve ever put on my feet. I could sleep in them #
  • I love technology – sung like Kip. This training class is wicked cool. #
  • Getting 11 mcnuggets when I only ordered 10 was definitely the high point of the day. #

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