• Blizzard shmizzard. The party’s on at chuck e cheese!!! And we have it all to ourselves – all the skeeball you can handle bro #
  • The drive home… http://twitpic.com/3h9rn #
  • This spring storm sucks but is awesome to watch. Couldn’t have picked a better day to move into my office w a window! #
  • If you haven’t tried Home Run Inn frozen pizzas, I dare say they’re the beat out there. #
  • Contrary to personal college research, ramen noodles do have a shelf life, as I discovered tonight. Or my palette has matured some… #
  • http://tr.im/iONT latest Laptop hunter ad from MS? nah, but it’s about as good! haha #
  • family’s sick. Trying to take care of everyone w/o getting it myself. Fingers crossed #

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