• new Star Trek…looks so frickin’ awesome, I can’t wait!! http://is.gd/m2EG (via @firstshowing)
    Wow im really excited to see this! in reply to firstshowing #
  • anyone got suggestions for #green iphone apps? (that are *interesting* or unique) #
  • it’s unnatural how much we love #burn_notice – can’t wait till june when new episodes start again #
  • Sat in cushy leather chairs all day…which means I was in meetings. ALL DAY. #
  • wrestling with a vmware image for a demo tomorrow. it’s too late to be doing this… #
  • River run at keystone tonight. It was a bit icy but grt weather. http://twitpic.com/1uqmd #
  • On the lift @ keystone for some midweek night riding
    http://bit.ly/4utKE #
  • error msg I just got: “Bash forehead against keyboard to continue” with an OK button. Good to see someone can relate #
  • Did I mention that I stabbed my finger with a butter knife last night? Yeah doing dishes is dangerous! #
  • forgot my wedding ring this morning – feeling awful naked without it #
  • I’ve got skiing on the brain – don’t feel like being at work today #

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