• keeping my girlish figure’ll be hard w/ dq icecream cake in house…I should just eat the whole thing tonight and get it over with, right? #
  • I could watch Ocean’s Eleven I’ve and over. And over. Just sayin – I love this movie #
  • Oooooow! Was just reminded of that severe elbow injury from wrestling with the kids (this morning) #
  • Figuring out what I’ll write I’m a letter to the grandparents for their 50th anniversary #
  • The worst part of redbox DVD rentals is having to wait behind people who don’t know what they want. Online reserve is where it’s at. #
  • My friend’s story of how he got the squirrels out of his kitchen is hysterical. Wish he would’ve filmed the process… #
  • This orange julius air freshener smells lovely. #
  • Let’s see, documentation, analysis, documentation, scripting, documentation. ugh – not the busy day I feel like being a part of #
  • First look at Midnight App’s Cha-Ching Touch for the iPhone! Lots of juicy screenshots! http://tr.im/guum (via @theappleblog) in reply to theappleblog #
  • that hockey game felt great tonight. But now I’m exhausted. ‘night all #
  • Deadliest catch for dinner thx to wife’s grt find – more alaskan king crablegs than could eat! #
  • Just scored brand new skis and bindings for – are you ready for this? – $75!!!! #
  • Must be nostalgia for childhood trips to pizza hut, but I LOVE a pizza joint salad bar #
  • Pikes peak
    http://twitpic.com/1jdd9 #
  • And thanks!! #
  • Faith in our youth restored: 2 diff young men held door open for me and my little one at dairy queen. Way to go boys! #
  • On my way to buy a DQ ice cream cake. Mmmm #
  • just saw this bizcard: Crime Scene Cleaners – cleaning/maint svc specializing in cleaning homicide/accidental death. guess it’s niche… #
  • My lovely wife grabbed a bday card for me to send to my sis. She nailed it too, it’s def the 1 I would’ve picked. thx honey! #
  • I’ll tweet if I want to! #
  • #sundayplans church, game night, then either some writing or cert study. I prefer the former…fwiw #

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