• My lovely wife and kids made killer valentine’s sugar cookies. They look amazing and taste even better. #
  • In other news – I’m in CVPI training all week. Um, yay! I think. #
  • Mmm, cloudy and cold day. Just fired up some of my pork green chile in the crock pot for dinner later. With some homemade tamales=perfect! #
  • Paintball with the college buddies today. Haven’t seen then in 2+ years. Good day. #
  • #Cisco folks – looking for some useful wallboard display solutions for a call center – input? #
  • laughing: creed bratton and jack donaghy should both be nominated for nobels…or something… (via @CiscoSystems) in reply to CiscoSystems #
  • Riiiight. It’s not even 4am and I’m out the door. Gotta love a golive day. #
  • nytimes ‘graphs’ tweets geographically over the timeline of the Super Bowl – pretty cool. http://tr.im/eh9p @MakeSecure, check it out #
  • it’s been a long day of running training sessions. All went well, but my voice is shot! #
  • Getting ready to run 5 training sessions today. Got my bottles of water ready… #
  • Just heard “metrics out of the back end”. Hmmm. Not sure what to make of that. #
  • “That’s what he said” -michael Scott
    LOL #
  • Watching my boys try to deflect nerf darts w/ lightsaber. Aiming at the face for tests. LOL I’m a good dad. #

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