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To a Head

Taken from my back deck after my neighbor called and told me to look outside. Would have loved to get a better vantage point (minus the trees) but it grew and changed lighting so quickly that I would’ve missed it completely. The different lighting around the thunderhead was just so cool – thie photo doesn’t do it justice.

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-02-01

  • Rumbi closes early apparently. Too bad. Chipotle will do as a very capable 2nd option for dinner tho #
  • Zuberfizz. Good studf #
  • SlingGuide on Dish is pretty slick. #
  • The digital tv switch is coming – is your grandma ready?? LOL #
  • Haha!! Need an idea for a romantic Valentine’s gift for your sweetie? Cisco has you covered! (via @CiscoSystems) in reply to CiscoSystems #
  • Single digit Temps early in week. 60 today. I love Colorado! #
  • Wingsuit base jumping. ‘SICK’ doesn’t begin to describe. 1:30 into it gets wild, 3min mark too #
  • ok, great movie line in my @theappleblog post. See if you can call the movie #
  • Managed to use a great movie line in my upcoming @theappleblog post. See if you can call the movie – it drops in about 10 mins #
  • OT, but luv tweetdeck, w exception that it misses spaces that I type too often. do Ijust type too fast? there is was!! #
  • hmm, concept for this post hasn’t been coming together. Think I nailed it tonight though. we’ll see… #
  • going to start calling people ‘frogurt”, ala Sawyer #lost lol #
  • Thoughts on fuel system flushes? They work? My MPGs have dropped off by nearly 10 in the past few months… #
  • They’ve even got digital signage at Einstein’s bagels. Need to try to sell them cisco dms… #
  • Ha! The book I coauthored is on amazon. Feels legit! #
  • Ordered ‘the ultimate’ at burger madness in ft Morgan, co. Mmmm #
  • Son now has a lifetime ban from sillyputty after coming in with it stuck to the armpit of his shirt. Says he was drying it off… #

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